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Experience of Escort Services in Delhi

The capital of India, Delhi, is one of the oldest cities in the world. It has been home to several cultures for at least 5,000 years and has seen continuous human existence during that time. However, Delhi is comparatively a newcomer to the urban scene since it only gained notoriety after becoming India's capital.

The incredible cuisine, culture, history, and diversity of Delhi are widely recognized. In this city, you may take in a lot of sightseeing. As soon as you arrive in Delhi, you will want to explore a lot of the city's attractions. These structures, which range from Qutub Minar to India Gate, are beautiful to view.

Delhi Tourist Destinations

Delhi has a rich cultural legacy, which is evident in the city's monuments, museums, landmarks, and religious locations. There are various attractions in Delhi for tourists to enjoy, including dining establishments, bars, clubs, parks, marketplaces, and retail stores. Numerous monuments will transport you to different eras. For those who enjoy history, there are several museums you may visit to learn more about the earlier days of this thriving metropolis.

Delhi's Interesting Facts

1. The Famous Red Fort

One of Delhi's famous sites, the Red Fort, wasn't originally that color. When the white limestone that originally made up the structure started to chip, British officials had it painted crimson.

2. India's Most Expensive Office Space

Consider opening a business in Delhi. Connaught Place can make you change your mind. Not only is it the most costly office space in India, but it also comes in ninth worldwide.

3. The Fourteen-Gate City

Delhi used to be a walled city with fourteen gates, but only five remain now. These historical relics are still significant monuments today.

4. Extensive Metro Network

With 2.4 million daily commuters, Delhi Metro is the 12th largest metro network in the world, providing reasonable rides, excellent connections, and regular service.

5. British Influence Over New Delhi

Sir Edwin Lutyens and Sir Herbert Baker, two British architects, are credited with creating New Delhi's modern architecture, giving rise to the unofficial moniker Lutyens Delhi.

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